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Do you clean your babies pacifier?

November 16, 2018

Can sucking on your babies pacifier protect them from developing allergies?   New studies suggest that a mother's spit and the bacteria in it may help prevent allergies in young children.   The study from the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit adds to the theory that early expos...

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Peanut Allergy

November 02, 2018

  Peanut Allergies have sky rocketed! Why?   A study from the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at New York's Sinai hospital found that from 1997 to 2008, peanut allergies have tripled from 1-in-250 children to 1-in-70. Other common food allergies are milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish and ...

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Asthma on a Global Scale

October 26, 2018

Asthma on a Global Scale   New research from the  Milken Institute School of Public Heath suggests that policies aimed at improving air quality can reduce the global burden of asthma and respiratory health around the world.  This is the first study to quantify the global burden o...

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Allergy Friendly Halloween

October 19, 2018

  Allergy-Friendly Halloween   With Halloween quickly approaching we wanted to share some tips as well as implore people to become involved in the teal movement! The teal pumpkin movement is designed to be sensitive to the needs of children that have food allergies and cannot be invol...

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The Causes of Seasonal Allergies

October 12, 2018

The Seasonal Allergy Culprits!    According to the Centers for Disease control ragweed is the leading cause of seasonal allergies. Weeds and pollen's are the main culprit for allergies in from late summer to late fall. Researchers at the US Department of Agriculture stated that the change ...

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Increasing Allergies

October 05, 2018

  The Rise of Allergy and Asthma Symptoms   Asthma and allergy rates have been rising over the past few decades and there are several theories as to why that might be the case. Climate change can trigger a higher pollen and mold count because of rising temperatures. Certain fungus' produce...

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National Penicillin Allergy Day

September 28, 2018

National Penicillin Allergy Day is today!   National Penicillin Allergy Day is an annual celebration to raise awareness around the impact of carrying a penicillin allergy label and how it affects our patients and their healthcare treatment. Why is it so important to identify whether or not...

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The Chicago Plan for Asthma

September 21, 2018

The "Chicago Plan" and the asthma hotspots it's fighing to help!  From the Chicago Sun-Times: Should the residents of Chicago be taking these issues more seriously?   Chicago's rate of asthma among black children is twice the national average. Although asthma can be passed down genetically...

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Asthma and new medications for treatment

September 14, 2018

Image result for omalizumab  We came across a nice article in the American Academy of Pediatrics recently and so we wanted to share it with everybody.   Three biological drugs have been approved by the FDA for pediatric patients who suffer with severe asthma. Being a possibly life threatening condition, researchers ...

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FDA extends EpiPen expiration dates

September 07, 2018

  The FDA has extended the expiration date for Epi-Pens and their generic counterparts by four months to combat shortages during the current back-to-school season! They will now have a 24 month shelf life.  This change does not apply to all Epi-Pens however. Certiain batches and lot n...

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