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Medicalert allergy

August 03, 2022



Did you know August is MedicAlert Awareness Month? A medical alert bracelet/necklace
contains unique medical information, such as your conditions, allergies, medication, and more.
In an emergency, first responders are trained to search their patient's wrist and neck for a
medical ID bracelet or necklace containing relevant medical information. Having this vital
information on you can save your life.

MedicAlert IDs are important life-saving and medical emergency alerts. Do you have a severe
allergy or asthma? Are you allergic to any medications? Do you require a life-saving
medication in an emergency?


Having a MedicAlert ID, bracelet or necklace can tell healthcare personnel caring for you what they need to know. A
medical ID can save precious time in diagnosing the reason for your emergency. It can also alert
healthcare providers of any allergies the wearer has before administering medication or first
aid. In an emergency, you may be unable to speak for yourself. A MedicAlert bracelet speaks for
you and may well make the difference in saving your life.

The MedicAlert Foundation has been around for over 60 years. In 1953, a 14-year-old girl went
into anaphylactic shock after receiving medication from a simple procedure. It was then that
she and her father, a doctor, thought up the concept of the bracelet, with the medical symbol
on one side, and special medical instructions on the other.

If you’re interested in getting a Medic Alert bracelet for yourself or a family member, contact us
and we will assist you.