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FDA extends EpiPen expiration dates

September 07, 2018


The FDA has extended the expiration date for Epi-Pens and their generic counterparts by four months to combat shortages during the current back-to-school season! They will now have a 24 month shelf life.  This change does not apply to all Epi-Pens however. Certiain batches and lot numbers are approved


The FDA stated the following, "We've completed the necessary reviews of data to extend the expiration date by four months for specific lots of EPi-Pen that are expired or close to expiring."
The company Pfizer has provided a list of batch numbers that this applies to. As more data becomes available the list is likely to expand.
This is great news for our patients, especially given the current shortage of Epi-Pen supply and the high prices for an EpiPen.