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2019 Healthcare Predictions

December 21, 2018
Forbes magazine has made some interesting predictions about the healthcare industry in the upcoming year and some of them are very exciting. One issue that may gain traction next year is the epidemic of loneliness and the actual negative health consequences attached to it. According to Forbes, "As far back as the year 2000 the Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam told us we were experiencing a decline in social capital. Thankfully, thought leaders including Senator Ben Sasse and former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy are finally drawing attention to this issue. In the coming year, I believe we will expand on this discussion." Research that has been done about the consequences of loneliness on a persons health says it rivals obesity and smoking about 15 cigarettes a day. 
Our current administration is also trying to take on drug pricing in the upcoming year, "Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar is talking about drug pricing. And the administration just appointed former CMS colleague John M. O’Brien as the new drug pricing czar. Even pharmaceutical CEOs are making provocative, meaningful statements about drug pricing." Tackling the problem of soaring drug prices could not happen soon enough!
The role of tech companies in delivering quality healthcare is also slowly increasing and companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have all partnered with various physicians and have indicated interest in the healthcare sector. Amazon is now building a tech hub in Nashvile which also has a high concentration of hospitals and health IT firms. 
Trying to predict the future of healthcare may be like trying to predict the stock market but we are hopeful that these vital issues are addressed in a meaningful and positive way!
Have a Happy New Year!