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National Penicillin Allergy Day

September 28, 2018
National Penicillin Allergy Day is today!
National Penicillin Allergy Day is an annual celebration to raise awareness around the impact of carrying a penicillin allergy label and how it affects our patients and their healthcare treatment. Why is it so important to identify whether or not someone is allergic to penicillin? 
According to the Infectious Disease Society of America, “ research shows that antibiotic costs for patients reporting penicillin allergies are up to 63% higher than those who do not report being pencilling allergic.”  This is amazing statistics, and keeps us passionate about fighting for good insurance coverage and access to care for all of our patients who struggle with allergies.
If you can correctly identify what exactly a person is allergic to it can also improve antibiotic prescribing.  Our patients can access to safer and less toxic antibiotics. An inaccurate diagnosis can negatively impact medical costs for patients and healthcare systems.  We are very careful when we test patients to ensure that we can provide the right diagnosis for the right drug allergy.  And in doing so, we hope to continue to help our patients find the treatment that is right for them.