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Indoor Plants

April 08, 2019


Can Indoor Plants Purify the Air?
Plants are an amazing thing to have inside your home because they convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen and can remove toxins from the air we breathe inside. It was a famous NASA experiment in 1989 that first found that indoor plants can rid the air of toxic organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene. They discovered this as they were looking for ways to effectively detoxify the air of space-station environments. Based off of this research is was also discovered that the bigger and leafier the plant, the more it will be successful at purifying the air indoors.
In addition to this, houseplants make great living companions and have been proven to reduce stress by calming the sympathetic nervous system and improving mood levels. Chicago Allergy & Asthma can help you to improve your home environment to reduce the allergens you are exposed to.  According to Markham Reid from Time Magazine, "The Boston fern is one of the most effective plants for removing airborne pollutants...I usually recommend the golden pathos as my first choice since it is a popular plant and easy to grow." Plants are also a wonderful addition to the aesthetic of any home!
From Time Health Magazine