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Asthma and new medications for treatment

September 14, 2018
We came across a nice article in the American Academy of Pediatrics recently and so we wanted to share it with everybody.
Three biological drugs have been approved by the FDA for pediatric patients who suffer with severe asthma. Being a possibly life threatening condition, researchers are always looking for new ways to treat and cure asthma.  Biological drugs offer new ways to treats conditions like this because they target particular chemicals or cells involved in the body's immune system response. 
According to AAP News and Journals, "Outcome data have demonstrated clinical efficacy as well as safety in the pediatric population as evidenced by reduction in asthma exacerbation frequency, symptom days and ICS dose."
The article also states that although severe asthma affects a smaller portion of people with asthma in general their families are burdened with frequent doctor and hospital visits, medical costs, missing school and work, and overall lessened quality of life. It is important that new treatments and medicines are innovated to combat this terrible reality.
The link to the article is here:
We are happy to know that when it comes to severe asthma, we have options for medical therapy that go beyond using the traditional inhalers that everyone is familiar with.  We are want to let our patients know that we do offer some of these advanced therapies in our office!
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