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Spring Allergies Have Arrived

April 02, 2019
Allergies that occur during spring and fall are typically referred to as hay fever. Spring allergies often begin in February with tree pollination, then grass pollination, followed by weed pollination from late summer to early fall. One way to be able to tell the difference between a cold and seasonal allergies is by paying close attention to the symptoms. According to Pharmacy Times, "classic symptoms of seasonal allergies include blue-colored swollen skin under the eyes, fatigue and itchy nose, an itchy roof of mouth, and red or water eyes. 
Getting an allergy test done is the always best way to know exactly what is triggering your reactions. However, Chicago Allergy & Asthma has some useful tips for dealing with seasonal allergies. Going outdoors after a good rain is helpful if you want fresh air because the rain helps reduce the pollen count in the air. Be sure not to hang laundry outside to dry as the pollen may stick to your clothing. You should also wash your face and change your clothes if you've been outside to prevent the pollen that will stick to you from bothering you indoors. In addition to this you should also wear a pollen mask when you are outdoors as it will filter the air you breath. With the help of your doctor and preventative measures such as the ones mentioned, these annoying seasonal allergies can be highly manageable!