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Spring Allergies Have Arrived

April 08, 2020
Spring allergy season is upon us again! We are starting to see the typical rise in symptoms for many people throughout Chicago. Allergy symptoms that happen during spring and fall are also known as "hay fever."  Spring allergies usually begin in March when the weather begins to warm and trees begin to pollinate.  Typical symptoms include nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, postnasal drip, itching or watery eyes, or sneezing. Uncontrolled allergy symptoms can often lead to sinus infections.
Fortunately, there are many medications that can help prevent and control these symptoms that usually start in the Spring time in Chicago.  Also, there are several medications that can help further by preventing sinus infections. At Chicago Allergy & Asthma, we see an influx of patients every year around March and April because of the spring season in Chicago. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of allergies so during the spring season we are always available to accept new patients and have coverage for our current patients in case they need to reach us by phone.
Allergy testing is a quick and minimally invasive way to find out what allergens may be contributing to your symptoms. It is important to find out what you are allergic to so that you can prepare for upcoming allergy seasons in Chicago. Allergy skin testing is also important to help identify the allergens in and around your home. Simple changes to your home and enviroment can really help with symptoms and sometimes this is all that is needed to feel relief.  Skin testing is important to have done for those considering Allergy Immunotherapy (AIT). AIT or allergy shots can provide a long term solution to decrease allergy symptom and decrease medications in many patients.
Some helpful tips for the upcoming spring allergy season include:
- Keep all windows and doors at home/car closed as to not introduce pollens into the home environment. 
- Recommend using air conditioning
- If your planning to spend many hours outdoors (ie walks, hike, picnics, etc), we recommend changing clothes and showering as soon as you arrive back home to minimize the pollen on your clothes and body. 
Seeing your allergist during the spring allergy season in Chicago can help improve your quality of life by preventing and managing symptoms.