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New treatments for Peanut Allergy

December 28, 2018
French biopharmaceutical firm DBV Technologies has created a patch containing proteins of peanuts that allows patients to slowly build up tolerance as an attempt to innovate treatments for those with severe allergies to peanuts! According to Business Insider, "Some parents of children with allergies told Business Insider that DBV's patch seemed safer to them, because it doesn't require actually eating an allergen." Although the necessary precautions should always be maintained having a safety cushion is incredibly helpful. 
Another company, Aimmune, has created a capsule called AR101 which also contains peanut proteins that is then mixed into food. Aimmune is aiming to re-educate the immune system by incrementally building tolerance to the protein.
Aimmune filed with the FDA in late December for approval to treat patients ages 4 to 17 and a decision could arrive by early fall of 2019.
Both of these treatments are competing for a 3 billion dollar market but neither have yet been approved by the FDA.