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Post Nasal Drip


Post nasal drip is a condition where you can experience coughing and throat discomfort from secretions that drip down from the nose to the back of the throat.  Our nose and throat naturally make secretions throughout the day to keep our nose and throat moist.  This mucus also helps fight infections and humidifies air.  But if this mucus starts to feel like it is accumulating in the back of the throat, then you may be experiencing symptoms of post-nasal drip.


There are several conditions that can trigger symptoms of post nasal drip.  It can be as simple as a virus such as the common cold or a more complicated matter such as sinus infection.  Allergies are also a very common cause of post-nasal drip.  The trouble arises when the secretions become more difficult to clear and spill over into the breathing passages.  This can cause further symptoms such as hoarseness, cough, or frequent throat clearing.  Over time, the throat can become irritated and sore.


Because of the variety of possible causes, it is important to consult with a specialist such as the physicians at Chicago Allergy & Asthma.  We will take a detailed history to narrow down possible triggers including allergies, and develop an individualized treatment plan to help you feel and live better.  Schedule your appointment online today.


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