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Immunodeficiency Testing


A primary immunodeficiency can help explain why someone has repeat episodes of infections. Our doctor will ask you about any family history of immunodeficiency to better understand any genetic inheritance. Further, our physician may order a blood test, since there are several blood tests that can be performed to diagnose a disorder of the immune system.


Once an immune deficiency disorder is identified, your physician at Chicago Allergy & Asthma will help council you about your individual condition.  It may mean that medications will be needed or that further testing is needed to look for other related conditions.  Immune disorders include a wide variety or problems and so an individual treatment plan is carefully created.


Moreover, if a immune deficiency disorder is diagnosed we will often ask about any family history or testing for family members who might also be affected.  Genetics has a large part to play in these conditions, and so it is normal to consult with your physician to think about screening for family members.

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