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Christmas Tree Allergies


During the holiday season, Christmas tree allergies can become a nuisance.  Christmas trees carry mold spores that can become airborne and trigger symptoms.  People with allergies during the fall and spring months are much more likely to be allergic to mold spores from Christmas trees.  Typically, people with seasonal allergies often find respite during the winter months.  But once Christmas comes around, allergic symptoms may start to pick up again and this is a good indication that it may in fact be the tree within the house.  Real Christmas trees often carry mold spores that can make the room they reside in a trigger for allergies.


If this is the case, there are some strategies to reduce your reaction to these allergies.  In addition to using your baseline medications for your allergy symptoms, it may be helpful to shake the tree outside or leave it in the garage for the first few days so that the initial foliage and aerosolization will be minized when it is brought in the house.  It may also help to keep an air purifier in the room where the Christmas tree is.  As always, be sure to consult your doctor for more specific recommendations.


Sarena Sawlani MD

Board Certified in Allergy and Immunology

Medical Director

Chicago Allergy & Asthma 


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