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Latex Allergy


Latex allergy is a relatively common allergy to latex materials. Natural rubber latex is a natural substance that is derived from rubber trees.  Latex is commonly found in our everyday lives including balloons, rubber bands, baby bottles and toys.


People with a latex allergy have an immune system which over reacts to the proteins found in latex.  This leads to allergic reaction with symptoms including runny nose, itching, rash, cough, wheezing, or swelling.  Other people develop a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis.  Some people develop a delayed reaction called contact dermatitis, which can be a red itchy rash.


We are able to perform simple testing to diagnose latex allergy, and then determine whether any treatment is appropriate. There is no cure for latex allergy, but there are therapies to help those with symptoms. Contact Chicago Allergy & Asthma today to make an appointment.


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