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Allergy Shots

This is a desensitizing treatment consisting of a series of injections given under the skin to reduce symptoms in people with environmental allergies, asthma and insect sting allergies. It has the potential to make you feel and live better.


Allergy shots are a long term treatment. They decrease your sensitivity to allergens and can lead to long-term relief of your symptoms even after treatment has stopped. Thus, it is a cost-effective therapy for many people.


Adults and children, usually over the age of 5-years-old, are eligible to receive allergy shots. Successful treatment can allow you to avoid long-term medication use.  However, allergy shots require a certain time commitment. There is an initial build-up phase usually ranging from three to six months, followed by a maintenance phase.  Any deicision to stop allergy shots should be discussed with your team at Chicago Allergy & Asthma. The cost varies depending on insurance coverage, and allergy shots are not used to treat food allergies.


The physicians at Chicago Allergy & Asthma specialize in the administration of allergy shots. Our facility is equiped with the proper staff, equipment, and physician supervision to administer allergy shots.  Serious reactions to allergy shots are rare, and when they do occur our team has the experience and training to manage them well.


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