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Hereditary angioedema was first described by Dr. William Osler in 1888.  It typically follows a consistent pattern of swelling, but the effects of swelling can be potentially serious. This hereditary form of angioedema is a rare genetic condition.  But there are many other types of angioedema as well, and can be several other causes of angioedema.  For example, some people experience angioedema as a side effect of an over-the-counter medication.  It is often hard to identify the cause of angioedema without futher evaluation.


Angioedema can last only a short amount of time (minutes to days), or it can be a chronic condition which returns over longer periods of time.  Angioedema can cause swelling of different parts of the body, for example often times it can be swelling of the lips.


If you have symptoms of angioedema, your allergist at Chicago Allergy & Asthma can help.  We have advanced training to diagnose and develop treatment plans for you so that you can feel better.


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