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Bee Sting Allergy


A severe allergic reaction to bee stings is a serious condition and potentially life threatening.  In Chicago, flower patches in parks and residential properties continue to support populations of bees.  Reactions to a bee sting can vary from a mild local reacton to a more severe reactions that require immediate medical attention.


A serious allergic reaction can happen when your immune system is activated, and causes symptoms throughout the body.  These symptoms can include swelling, difficulty breathing, nausea, itching or hives.  If you have a bee sting allergy, it is important to use your epinephrine injector and seek medical attention immediately.


To help prevent bee stings, remain calm when you see bees nearby. Avoid bright colored clothing and drinking sweet drinks like soda or juice. Try to wear long sleeved clothing and pants, and avoid any open areas of skin exposure.


If you find the stinger still within your skin, remove it immediately to reduce the amount of venom that is delivered into your body. Try your best to use your fingernail or a credit card to swiftly remove the stinger because squeezing the stinger will only release more venom.


Consult your allergist at Chicago Allergy & Asthma to better understand your treatment options for bee sting allergy.  In some cases, immuontherapy (allergy shots) can be an effective treatment with long-lasting results.


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